Iraq Urban Expo will be held at the heart of North Iraq’s business center, Erbil, gathering a vast number of first class exhibitors to represent regional and international companies, and ensuring a meeting point for professionals in the industry.

In Urban Expo 2016, participants will benefit from massive regional dealers, buyers and distributors, government officials and key decision-makers from all over Iraq and from foreign countries. Also you will meet government officials and developers to maintain the needs for major urban and infrastructure projects

Iraq events are guided by knowledgeable and passionate show teams that are invested in the industry. We believe in strong, long-lasting partnerships with industry stakeholders, understanding that together we create a successful and productive marketplace.

Your participation in UrbanExpo will be the first step to be in the market of Iraq.

To keep up with your competitors and to stay updated on the market, UrbanExpo offers a gateway to the Iraq’ Urban sector.

UrbanExpo commences to show that with long-term urban planning cities can become healthier, safer and happier places to be, to weaving more enjoyable and inspiring environments throughout the urban fabric. The exhibition will lead to make a path in this way with the attendance of competent, exclusive, international participants.